Make Family Photo Session a Fun by hiring a Professional Family Photographer

We all love our families isn’t it? Of course it’s a Yes! After all family is not an important thing but it’s everything! And taking family pictures is the best way to capture our best times and turn them into beautiful memories.


Are you planning for a family photo session? Family photos should exhibit your family at your best – while you are happy and having fun! Then make sure you hire a professional family photographer to get the best memories captured in a unique and beautiful way.


Reasons to Hire a Pro:

  • The simple and direct reason is they are a pro! They know their equipment, they know lighting and most importantly they know how to make you and your family look the best! What else is needed? And posing gets easier as you don’t have to think on your own. Plus the kids follow the pros and listen to them making your job easier!
  • Editing software is generally used to edit your photos and make you look the best. But with professional photographers there is less or no need of editing is required as they capture really well.
  • Professional family photographers are dedicated towards their job and make sure you get your desired and expected shots at the right time.
  • Working with professionals is always a fun as you need not have to worry about anything. They help ease your hesitation to face the camera and deliver you the best photogenic picture of yours.


Family photographs are not just pictures but are memories that we carry throughout our lives. So why not make them special? Hire a pro and capture the best shots.


Want to capture the beautiful moments of your family and frame it? Looking for a professional Dubai family photographer? Then contact Gaga Photography at  today.


Reasons Why Should You Hire a Professional Dubai Maternity Photographer

Pregnancy is the most exciting days of every woman’s life when she gets ready to bring a new life into this world. Through their maternity period, women look more beautiful and special. It is a professional Dubai maternity photographer who can best capture the pregnant woman’s emotions and can create some soulful images with a comfortable maternity session in an unforgettable manner. With the great experience of a Dubai maternity photographer, women will be able to capture some magical moments of their pregnancy, which they can treasure in their family album for a lifetime. Soft light and a happy atmosphere in a maternity photo shoot assure to keep the would-be mothers ecstatic. Additionally, when someone chooses a professional maternity photographer from Dubai, she enjoys the high quality production of photos that are really fine art. Whether she likes to shoot in a sitting or standing position, the maternity specialist photographer will make her feel stress-free and ecstatic throughout the entire photography session:

Dubai Maternity Photographer

  • The Dubai maternity photography specialists can control the studio lighting to heighten the female shape and have plenty of ideas for documenting the nuances of the pregnant body making a bold impact.
  • These photographers have advanced photography techniques and instruments to capture the female silhouette during pregnancy with simplicity and perfection.
  • Pregnant women can pre-book their maternity session with the maternity photographer in Dubai according to their own convenience. (according to the gaps in the trimesters/the need of the trimesters)

 Dubai Maternity Photographer

Reasons to Hire Professional Maternity photographer in Dubai:

During the maternity phase, women feel a rare glow on their faces and a sense of being alive. It is a very delicate period for them. The Dubai maternity photographers keep them highly comfortable and even prevent them from posing before they came with painful positions. Careful lighting in combination with shadow manipulations is in use, and proper enhancements are done by the photographers to generate high quality and amazing beauty that won’t be possible with the clicks of a friend or relative. 


  • Dubai maternity photographers always strive to put in the best of their technical knowledge for producing creative and artistic quality work that clients will value.
  • The priority of the photographer is the comfort and convenience of the pregnant woman while showing her at her best beauty through fantastic maternity photographs.
  • When it comes to picking up the location for a maternity photo shoot in Dubai, the photographer turns out to be accommodating. He or she allows you to shoot the session in the studio, in the house or any outdoor location.  
  • Dubai maternity photographers use raw imaginations in a creative style to capture some great moments of pregnancy with a natural touch. They neither use heavy makeup nor gorgeous props during this period. Rather, they prefer to use the simplest of things possible to highlight your pregnant silhouette through their maternity photographs only.
  • The maternity photographer in Dubai gives you a chance to prove how beautiful you looked during your pregnancy. He or she enables you to show your love and care for the little bundle from the moment of his or her existence. With the maternity photography, you can create excellent memories showing how much it meant that the baby was becoming a part of your family.

Dubai Maternity Photographer

No matter whether you want to have a maternity photo shoot done in Dubai as a family heirloom or to treasure once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of pregnancy, a professional maternity photographer can document the transformation as a wonderful journey. Why won’t you be lucky enough to keep the memory close to your heart for a lifetime? DUBAI Maternity Photographer, Gaga specializes in family, Newborn and maternity photography and is recognized for a diverse range of creative work. For the most beautiful and authentic maternity portraits possible in the Dubai industry, consider contacting Gaga Photography at +971564154624 now!

Top 5 Most Popular Props For Creative Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography Props are such a crucial part of every newborn photography session. Adding props to your photographs can make a regular image extraordinary and it doesn’t necessarily need spending a lot of money. As a professional newborn photographer in Dubai, I have spent several hours searching for the best newborn photography props & would like to go over some of my favorites with you. So, let’s have a look:

Dubai Newborn Photographer

Large Plush Pillows: Bean bags and pillows are more of a posing aid than a prop. They go underside the fabric & other props, but they’re just as essential. They offer firmness to your other props & let you form a small setting for your images. Moreover, they’re soft & warm which will help ease your newborn into a gentile nap for those sleepy lullaby snaps.

Newborn Photographer In Dubai

Bowls: Bowls are an excellent stuff to pose newborns in. They can be made from various materials, from elegant woods to bright metals. They’re also accessible in various colors, shapes,and patterns and can be found just about anywhere. They can be highly contemporary & sculptural or rustic and antique. Just a small sample of different bowls can offer your portraits, many different feels & themes.

Newborn Photographer In Dubai

Baskets: This is perhaps the most favorite prop of all newborn photographers in Dubai. Whether they’re woven of cloth, wood, metal or other materials, baskets and babies go together. A newborn inside a basket is like a kitten in a teacup or a puppy in a shoe. It’s just unbelievably cute. Also, baskets are ideal to be filled with other stuff such as different fabric papers, stuffed animals, and other textural items.

Dubai Newborn Photographer

At Gaga Photography we use different types of props to capture baby photos that are simply out of the world. Don’t risk baby photography on anamateur newborn photographer in Dubai. Get in touch with us now and see what difference we can bring to the table. Please feel free to stay connected with us on Facebook, and Instagram social networks!